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A dreaming wedding

Greenhouse, gardenhouse, conservatory, orangery, winter garden or jardin d'hiver, Victorian greenhouse or lemon house.

How many names to define the location dreamed of by the spouses of every era for their event!


Flooded with light, the ideal place for unforgettable photos, it offers shelter without taking anything away from the eye, a spectacular setting for the most exclusive weddings.

The sun that slips through the scrolls and the wrought iron decorations projects magical patterns of light.


The protection of the glass surfaces makes it possible to set up mises en place impossible to propose outside, and which inside a closed room would be contaminated by environments that do not always live up to expectations.

And then the flowers: where better than in a "winter garden" can they express all their communicative potential, without compromise?


From the outside, the greenhouse looks like a dream, better if not immediately visible, like a secret casket reserved for the most important guests. A privileged place of kisses and eternal promises, but also a private refuge to enjoy a tea or a good book and leave negative thoughts out of the windows ...

serra vittoriana

Credits: the setting in the picture is the work of K BELLA EVENTS , thanks to Krystin Gill for the kind concession!

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