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Dream and Ambition

I began this challenge in late 2017,  a time of my life in which  I realized that I needed to be surrounded by beauty, happiness  and motivated  a strong desire  to be in touch with people that shared  my  passion for classical style gardens  and landscape  architecture.

I own and take care of  the  garden on my estate and I constantly felt the need to  improve but was never able to  find the type of  elements and decor I wanted in garden stores or in local shops.

Victorian conservatories were my first love and first opportunity, since nobody was selling anything  similar in Italy. During a fair in Paris I found trellis, Anduze pots, fountains manufacturers, with whom I  started cooperating to be able to offer collections of bespoke and exclusive products, adding  brands that I felt  would guarantee elegant  designs and top quality.

Next, of course, Italian handcraft classics. They would offer me the chance (and would make me feel proud ) of selling these highly crafted products outside  Italy. Near the region in witch I live , Le Marche, I found the famous Deruta ceramics, and in Tuscany I selected  the most precious terracotta clay pots and traditional handmade wrought iron furnishings.

Some flower shows and fairs gave us the opportunity to  meet our audience, get their opinions and appreciation. This matived me and pushed me to continue in my journey.

Villa Dorica has a dream and the ambition to be recognized for the elegance and class of its products, knowing that happiness is also being surrounded by beauty.


I'm founder of the  Gardens of Marche Association,and previously loved gardening just as a hobby, since I worked in the electronic industry

I'm a passionate historical gardens tourist, especially baroque style gardens (my favorite is Garden of  Villa Borromeo on Lake Maggiore island) and Provence style romantic gardens.

I love 80's Rock music, playing the guitar and (badly...) piano, I'm a dreamer but also quite stubborn. I love reading  Kerouac and Hemingway, I  do yoga and love walking my dogs.


Since 2019 Villa Dorica is partner of Assocastelli as a restorer partner

villa silvi.jpg

Anna Laura Pretaroli

Photographer and owner at Villa Alfredo Luxury B&B 

Silvi Marina (TE)

Knowing Luca and sharing his tastes for gardens was easy for me. We organized an event in the garden of my facility with Villa Dorica furnishings: really a touch of class and elegance


Stefania Pignatelli Gladstone

Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi

Castel di Lama (AP)

Villa Dorica is a symbol of timeless elegance and quality. Its furniture is refined and created with particular attention to enhance the beauty of historic houses and gardens full of memories and personalities. Over the years it will follow the evolution of the place, always offering new classic proposals, but at the same time innovative and creative.

Villa Dorica Forever!

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