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Vanina Savoré


Sculptor, born and raised in Buenos Aires, lives in Puglia where she began creating works of incredible intensity at a very young age by modeling and decorating terracotta and ceramics. She has a physical and intimate connection with the gardens where her restless and raw female figures emerge from the vegetation like Venus from the waters of the sea. Interpret the soul of VillaDorica by creating unique and exclusive examples for you.

Entre la Tierra y el Cielo

Sculpture made of engobed terracotta

in 3 parts with olive wood base

Dimensions: height 159cm

base 60 x 59cm


Vanina Paola Savorè was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He currently resides and works in Terlizzi (BA).

  • From 1982 to 1985 He attended a school of artistic expression (plastic, ceramics, theatre, music and literature).

  • In 1989 he obtained a high school diploma from the National School of Artistic Ceramics in Argentina

  • 1990 Participates in the fourth national meeting of Humahuaca Argentina ceramicists.

  • 1991 Qualified as teacher in artistic ceramics at the National Higher Institute of Ceramics

  • 1992/93/94 Collaborates in the artistic production and design workshop at the Avellaneda Ceramics Institute, Buenos Aires

  • 1992 Collective exhibition in Buenos Aires in the HOUSE of MUNICIPAL CULTURE, where he won first prize in ceramic sculpture

  • 1995 Interior design and project course at Emerson Institute, Buenos Aires Science and Communication Center.

  • 1996 Spain La Corunia - Seminar / Internship between young artists from different nations.

  • 1997 Student of the Minardi School of Drawing and Sculpture Faenza Italy

  • 2000 Presentation and implementation of an urban furniture project commissioned by the Municipality of Terlizzi.

  • 1998/99 2004/05/07/12/13 Participates in collective exhibitions in the Puglia area.

  • 2008 Personal exhibition of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Volver a mis Raices

  • 2014 Collective VOYANGES Three artists on the notes of beauty, at the PINACOTTECA MICHELE DE NAPOLI.

  • 2020 Participates in the ECHI Silenzi e Visioni Artist Residency, at the Angelo Cesareo Serra Petrullo Ruvo Foundation in Puglia.

  • It organizes and holds workshops in collaboration with municipal and private bodies.

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