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Escape to the Chateau! 
behind the scenes: the making of the winter garden room conservatory


Chateau de la Motte-Husson is a small French castle, surrounded by a moat located in Martignè-sur-Mayenne, a small village near Laval. For centuries it belonged to a French branch of the noble Italian Baglioni family and owes its fame to the very successful Channel 4 television series Escape to the Chateau.


The charming castle, which was in very poor condition at the time, was purchased in 2015 by the couple of British TV stars Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree who documented not only the restoration of their new home but also their family life at the Chateau with a television production streamed in many countries outside UK too.


Despite having made a beautiful and exclusive location out of a ruin, where many couples decide to get married despite a very long waiting list , Angel dreamed from the beginning of their French adventure of an extension of their house in the form of a Victorian-style winter garden conservatory. Only in 2022 Dick, after seeing photos of our Aphrodite winter garden on our page on the The World of Interiors index, contacted us and in record time we designed, built and delivered the structure in time to be assembled for the recording of the 7th episode of the 9th and final season of Escape to the Chateau.

After the TV series was archived, our winter garden did not lose its function: it will continue to be used as an atelier for photos of the castle’s brides and to show itself off even for future generations of Chateau guests.

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